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The Escape artists

Welcome to THE ESCAPE ARTISTS, a site designed to assist you at every step along your travel journey! Whether you are a weekend warrior or a roaming gypsy, we want to help you make the most of whatever time you have, and live out your travel dreams.

Our travel guides, experiences and tips are meant to be a source of inspiration and helpful information to help you achieve your OWN travel goals, whatever they may be.


A little about us

Cheers we're Davis and Sydney Hansen!

Over the years we’ve both developed a deep passion for the art of photography & videography, with the world as our muse. Traveling has long been our escape, and a way to remember why we fell in love.

It all started for us, sitting at a little cafe in the south of France, dreaming about what we wished our someday could look like. We wanted a life full of adventure, love, expression and most importantly - TRAVEL. As we went back to our daily lives, this dream slowly became a distant memory, as routine and jobs took over. But every time we found another moment to escape, even just for a weekend, all those dreams and feelings came flooding back.

What they say is true, life REALLY is what you make it. So we decided to step into the unknown, live the life of the traveling artists and find our Escape NOW! With a camera around our necks and hearts wide open, we hit the road to become ESCAPE ARTISTS hand in hand.

We’re now traveling the world, trying to share its beauty through the lens of our camera and the words we write. Through the uncertainty of it all, we want to stay forever dreamers and wanderers, as we embark on this journey together. We hope our journey & art can help enrich your life in some way, and maybe even lead to some escape of your own.