Ultimate Travel Presets

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Ultimate Travel Pack Graphic (1).jpg
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Ultimate Travel Presets


Designed to help you take your pictures to the next level with ONE CLICK these presets will help you add that professional touch to all your images. Inspired by the beauty of the earth, these presets enhance the natural tones of any picture helping them pop and stand out, while preserving their natural essence. Perfect for anything from ocean blues, to sunsets golden glows, to light and airy bohemian vibes, these all around presets are everything you will need on your next trip.=

Install in minutes, apply in seconds! Editing photos has never been easier! These presets can be used for both JPEG and RAW files on mobile and desktop.

The pack includes 16 presets:

  1. Wild Hearts

  2. Sunkissed

  3. Salty days

  4. Ocean breeze

  5. Soulful

  6. Rhythm & Blues

  7. Bohemian

  8. Jungle love

  9. Beach Bungalow

  10. Atherial

  11. Day dreaming

  12. Magic within

  13. Moments of magic

  14. Sparkle

  15. Sunset vibes

  16. Soul on fire

Inside the pack you will find 16 DNG files for Mobile, which can be downloaded directly to your phone or desktop + 16 .LR file for Desktop, which need to be downloaded on a computer.

Also included: a manual in which we explain how to upload the filters (called ‘presets’ in the app) to your phone + Desktop and how to use them! It also explains how you can make additional tweaks to your picture for an optimal effect.

You will receive the filters and manual via email immediately after payment. You can also see our FAQ page for more information or send us an email at hello@thescapeartists.com

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