The Escape artists

Welcome to THE ESCAPE ARTISTS, a site designed to assist you at every step along your travel journey to make the most of whatever time you have. We want to help you escape the grind of everyday life by showing the many ways traveling can enrich your life, and how easy and accessible it can be! 

Together we have traveled to over 30 different countries seeking out all the beauty and adventure of this world - Come join us and this escape community as we continue to wander the globe and uncover the some of the best places to spend your next trip!


A little about us

Cheers we're Davis and Sydney Hansen!

We are travel addicts, food enthusiasts, everyday artists, aspiring yogi's, perpetual honeymooners and everything in between.

Starting from opposite ends of the country, Davis grew up near L.A. while Sydney was raised just outside D.C. We've now met in the middle with a homebase of Houston to become accidental Texans.

Sydney's got a thing for farmer's markets and can typically be found in the kitchen cooking while jamming out to extra loud music. Davis has never met a mexican restaurant he didn't like or wave he didn't want to surf. We own more plants than shoes and spend more time dancing than not. 

We've found that in the craziness of life, sometimes you just need a little escape. We build travel into our everyday lives and want to share with you a few tips on how we do it! 

xx T.E.A