A Day in Trancoso Brazil with Villas De Trancoso

This was the first stop of our Brazilian adventure. We had just endured close to 3 days of travels (2 connecting flights) and were ready to start exploring Brazil. One of our two layovers was actually over-night in Sao Paulo, the largest city in all of South America, so when we touched down in the small and quiet gates of Porto Seguro airport, we knew we were in for something good.

Trancoso Brazil Travel Guide - Praia da Tartarugas Beach

Located in the state of Bahia, the tranquil town of Trancoso is just outside of the city of Porto Seguro (where the flights come into). This is a less industrialized portion of Brazil with beaches and towns still living pretty true to their roots. Bahia is known for its excellent beaches and laid-back atmosphere, so needless to say, we felt right at home.

Villas de Trancoso is a luxury dream. They are an intimate resort with only 10 villas and suites on the property. Each one is decorated in an upscale beach bungalow fashion complete with hammocks and plush couches to lounge on all day long. There are 2 pools and secluded beach on the property so you will never be too far from water no matter where you are located.

Trancoso Brazil Travel Guide - Villas De Trancoso


The easiest way to get to Trancoso is via Porto Seguro. You can arrive by plane (with transfers through Salvador, Sao Paulo, or Belo Horizonte ) and then either arrange for a taxi or just rent a car. We decided to rent a car in order to have more freedom to explore other beaches in the area. This proved to be a really nice decision for us (more on that later…) but if your feeling a tad less adventurous, a taxi is a very convenient and hassle-free option.

Here’s where to pay attention - if you decide to rent a car there are 2 places where Google Maps can lead you astray:

  1. Ferry Route - The ferry is a more direct and scenic route with many nice picture opportunities. However, if you arrive or depart in hours it is not open, or have trouble finding the proper times, you don’t have to take a ferry across anywhere or anything. You can also drive an extra 40 minutes around and it was no big deal.

  2. Dirt Road Route - take it from us... use the paved roads. Google Maps will try and lead you this way because it is technically “faster” to take the dirt road. Here’s the thing though.. you’re in the tropics… so it rains frequently. And if that road at all becomes muddy, you may end up getting redirected, or worse stuck. Play it safe - use the road that heads around the mountains and goes through the town of Trancoso. It’s paved, it’s reliable, and you don’t have to worry about anything.

Here’s the route we’d recommend (note: this excludes the ferry so that it can be navigated at any time)


We woke up early and enjoyed the quiet morning sunrise. The place is gorgeous and fun to relax and take in the birds chirping and palm trees slowly swinging in the breeze. Most mornings we’d hang out by the hammock or snag some beach time since there’s a private beach out in front.

Breakfast is quite a spread. It’s buffet style with fresh cooked breads, cakes, jams and granola. They have a really great set up with some of the most delicious fresh tropical fruits. We also really enjoyed the fresh sliced tomatoes and whole peppers they had out every day.

6A7A4416-2.jpgTrancoso Brazil Travel Guide - Villas De Trancoso

During the day

There are plenty of activities to choose from during the day and a lot to do on the property including their pool, beach front club, and full service spa. They are also happy to help create a customized tour for you including anything from boating to horseback-riding to parasailing. If you have a car, you can go and explore some of the surrounding areas/beaches too. Here are some ideas if you’re looking for activities (though if you are like us, after 3 days of traveling sometimes just lying on the beach is all you need):

  • Tours: There are a lot of tours that the Villas can set up for you. To name a few they can arrange golf, tennis, kayaking, mountain biking, horseback riding along the beach (I know it sounds right out of a movie), 4-wheeling, surfing, stand up paddle-board and the list goes on. Basically if you’ve got a dream for something the Villas will do a pretty good job at making them come true.

  • Surrounding Beaches: We spent one of our days out and about just going to explore some of the surrounding beaches, and it turned out to be one of our favorite days. Here’s a few of the near by spots to check out:

    • Praia das Tartarugas: (Turtle Beach in Portuguese) is only about 10-15 minute drive from the Villas but has a jutting cliff thats just spectacular for pictures. Its right below the Terravista Golf Course and has its own private little beach club if you want to make a day of it

    • Praia do Espelho: It is called mirror beach for a reason! They have really fun tide pools to explore during low tide. Fun for a half day trip.

    • Caraíva: About 1 hour south of Trancoso, is another charming little beach town of Caraiva. Situated between a beach and river, you’re bound to have a great time by the water.

  • Town of Trancoso: At night the town of Trancoso is transformed into an enchanting little square. There are strings of twinkling lights. bustling night market, and delicious little restaurants you’ll want to spend the evening at.

  • On site Gym and Spa: If wellness is your thing, the Villas have you covered. They have an outdoor beach gym that lets you get your workout on to the sound of waves (umm yes please) or a spa with massage, pedicures and manicures. They’ll even bring the service to your Villa (now we’re talking right?).

Trancoso Brazil Travel Guide - Praia das Tartarugas


At night you won’t want to miss out on the romantic poolside restaurant they run from the property. Serving up lunch and dinner, the chef’s here will cook you a range of traditional Bahian classics and tropical delights. Even if certain food options aren’t on the menu, they’ll customize it for you. Make sure to try one of the plantain dishes here if you get the chance - if you’ve never tried plantains before, they are basically a mix between sweet potatoes and bananas and can be eaten both sweet and savory.

6A7A3935.jpgTrancoso Brazil Travel Guide - Villas De Trancoso

What they got Right

  • Little details - they make sure to think of all the little details like welcome candies on the pillows, remembering your favorite menu items, and

  • Knowledgable staff - they speak many different languages (including english) and can help you in planning day trips and tours. It helped to have experts that know where all the local secrets are and the best time to go

  • Intimate - everything about the place is intimate, private and exclusive. White linen service, soft acoustic music, and coconuts to sip on all day long. The property is expansive and the villas are large so even if it’s full it still feels like you have your own private resort.

Trancoso Brazil Travel Guide - Villas De Trancoso

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Trancoso Brazil Travel Guide - Villas De Trancoso
Trancoso Brazil Travel Guide - Villas De Trancoso